LeakyCon 2017

Call for Programming Proposals

At Mischief Management events, some of our best programming is created by our attendees. And now it’s time for you, the biggest Harry Potter fans in the world, to share your knowledge and passion with the rest of LeakyCon!






We are looking for a select number of knowledgeable witches and wizards to present on their favorite magical topics at LeakyCon 2017.

Do you have a presentation, paper, panel, or workshop on a subject related to the Harry Potter universe? Topics could range from “Squib Status in the Wizarding World,” to “Why Newt Scamander?” to “The Cultural Impact of the Harry Potter Generation.” We welcome all kinds of proposals from informal discussions to formal academic papers.

If you have a burning desire to share your ideas and research, this is the place to tell us about it so we can help you make it happen!

Only those with LeakyCon Passes that include access to programming (Marauder Pass, General Pass, Friday Day Pass, and Saturday Day Pass) are eligible to submit programming proposals.

Programs will be accepted on a rolling basis. The sooner you submit, the better your chance of being selected. If you have any questions regarding programming please send your queries to [email protected].

The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2017.

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Can I create a panel where we bring on a celebrity or special guest?

No, we’re sorry! These are programs that LeakyCon attendees develop on their own, we won’t be able to facilitate celebrity guests for you.

Is there one format I have to follow? Does it have to be a panel?

Not at all! You create the program you want to run. It can be a panel, a roundtable, a lecture, a meetup, a singalong, or whatever you envision! Just make sure you specify what you’d like to create in your application (i.e. “I’d like to moderate a panel of four people…”)

Helpful hints: a panel consists of 4–6 people with a moderator who leads a discussion, and is often followed by a Q&A session with the audience; a roundtable consists of 4+ people discussing a topic amongst themselves as an audience listens and sometimes chimes in; a lecture consists of one or two people speaking to an audience.

My presentation works best as a PowerPoint. Will I have access to a projector?

Yes. If your program idea is selected, LeakyCon will work with you to make sure the room is set up for your panel. All programming rooms will have microphones for panelists and music playback capability.

I have my idea but I’m not really sure how to put all the details together. Will someone from LeakyCon help me develop my session?

Yes! We want the original idea to come from our attendees, but our team will definitely help you get it up on its feet so you feel ready and comfortable when the time comes to run your program!

If you have any further questions regarding programming, please email [email protected], and a team member will be in touch.

The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2017.

Submit a program proposal now