Not at all! We learned this year that this community is made up of more than our shared love of one series. Now more than ever, we are about creating a space where no matter what you love or how geeky/fannish/nerdy you want to act about those things, you can do it free of the fear of being shunned or misunderstood. LeakyCon has been referred to as home by a lot of you since 2011, and it certainly feels that way to us: LeakyCon is the place where you can fully be yourself. We think it is time to share that with more of the world. We are pretty sure you are also ready to expand the awesome.

We had another amazing weekend of love, friendship, and geekery in Chicago; this year we'll be bringing the magic to Portland AND London, and we couldn't be more excited.

There are more changes on the horizon than location. You'll notice this is the least expensive price we've ever had for LeakyCon. The entire ticketing process will be simplified. No more adding on additional events (for additional cost) as the year goes on. The perks associated with RockStar will be outlined when registration opens, and we will have more information about Special Guests (yes, wizard rock bands; yes, HP actors; yes, Team StarKid; yes, Vlogbrothers; yes, Maureen Johnson and LeakyCon Lit; yes - in BOTH locations) as we go. We will have special hotel rates available very soon, so don't book all your travel quite yet.

To those of you who have watched us grow from a 750-person conference in Boston to a near-4,000-person party in Chicago, thank you for your continued support. We were overwhelmed by your positivity and general awesome this year. You are all wizards.

If you are new to our event, you should be ready for a weekend celebration of happiness, reading, nerd culture, all-out geekery, and excitement about the magic of stories. We have been waiting for you to join us.

It promises to be an epic year. The reaction to the announcement of our 2013 events broke AND, which we always take as a compliment. We will have more news (including RockStar prices and more) very shortly!

LeakyCon 2013: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, June 27–30, and Grand Connaught Rooms, London, England, August 8–11.


LeakyCon 2013: Oregon Convention Centre Portland, Oregon, June 27-30, $140 and Grand Connaught Rooms, London, England, August 8-11, £150. Registration opens September 1st, 2012.