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A Statement
from LeakyCon About J.K. Rowling



LeakyCon is an event celebrating the experience of fandom. While it focuses on the Harry Potter series, it is not endorsed or sanctioned by J.K. Rowling or Warner Brothers. In fact, the values this community holds close are staunchly opposed to the fear and hatred that J.K. Rowling has been spreading about members of the trans and non-binary communities in recent years. Learn more →


Our programming celebrates the literature we all love, both joyfully and critically, and we’ve never shied away from discussing complex topics. Many people see LeakyCon as a place where they can explore and express themselves. We strive to create an environment where this can happen freely, whether that requires us to remove an attendee who threatens another’s safety, to create gender neutral restrooms in venues that don’t provide them, or to further distance ourselves from an author whose platitudes endanger people we care about. It’s a central part of our work to make this space safe and welcoming, and we are actively reaching out to people within the trans and non-binary communities to ensure that we are meeting our goals. We welcome your feedback. Contact Us →


Our shared love of stories brought us together, and this community is about something much bigger than hero worshipping one flawed person. We will continue to highlight the fan creations that inspire us. We will strive to uplift marginalized voices more than ever before. We will focus on the joy that comes from our shared interests, passions, and experiences, and we will not lend credence to ignorance.

Learn more about LeakyCon’s ongoing commitment to inclusion here.

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