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Greetings, magical beings of everyone fandom and realm! Welcome to the return of the LeakyCon blog! We’ve decided to open up this space to share some of the fun changes we’re bringing to LeakyCon 2024 and to keep in contact with our favorite people in the world.

Alright, ready? Hold onto your wands and cloaks, and let’s dive right in!

Discover the Magic with Tracks!

Everyone’s journey at LeakyCon is different, but sometimes, you need a bit of help to find your passion panel, unique experience, or fun fandom meetup. Well, look no further than tracks!

We are planning the following tracks for LeakyCon 2024 Portland:

  • Academia — Ever wanted to dive into the deep waters of philosophical debates, moral dilemmas, and psychological analysis? Of course you have. Come join us for some of the deepest conversations around - no advanced degrees required!

  • Community — Delightful meetups, whimsical trading sessions, and heartwarming community events are the name of the game here. Let’s celebrate our shared passions in style with the Community track!

  • Fan Expression — Share and explore the wild realms of fan fiction, fan art, fanon, and everything in between. This is Fan Expression at its…fan…expressioniest?

  • Art and Music — Embrace the beauty of fandoms through a visual arts and musical explosion of love! Want to do some cosplay figure drawing? You can do that! Want to talk about wizard rock? OF COURSE YOU DO! SO LET’S DO ITTTTTT!

  • Magical Curiosities — Step into the quirkiest, zaniest corners of LeakyCon, where the unexpected becomes the norm. Off the wall but on the schedule - let’s have some fun!

  • Showstoppers — Grand games, insightful panels, and electrifying Mainstage events that will keep you on the edge of your broomsticks!

More to come… keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement!

🌟 Expanding Mischief Originals!

Mischief Originals are a special slate of programs that we've created, curated, and cultivated just for you! We are doing more of them than ever this year. These programs are absolutely wild - this year, among many others, we had a panel about about the nature of evil in “Sauron and Palpatine: Evil as Inevitability”, a panel about the hero’s journey and the monomyth in “Percy Jackson is Greek Harry Potter (Which is British Star Wars (Which is Space Narnia))”, and even a live D&D class sorting session with “Bards to Barbarians: Charting the Vibes of Classic Characters”. This year, we have even more cool and chaotic programming that we are so excited to share very shortly!

🎫 Grab Your Ticket to Magic!

The portal to this mystical realm will open soon, with tickets becoming available for all you eager magical people. We can't wait to welcome you to the grand spectacle that awaits. Ready your wands, sharpen your swords, and set your hearts on magic!

💌 We're All Ears (and Eyes and Magical Senses)!

Your voice is like casting Lumos in a dark forest for our Programming team! Whether it's a whisper of appreciation or a booming suggestion, we always welcome your enchanting thoughts here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

(Still need your ticket? Get yours here!)

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