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Event Mission



Since 2009, LeakyCon has been a community-focused fan event that provides opportunities to both take joy in a series that we love and critique its flaws and shortcomings. This year, we aim to reclaim the magic of Harry Potter, creating a celebratory space that welcomes, affirms, and protects people of all identities, especially our trans and non-binary siblings.


We, the fans, own the home that we have built together. Fans have an important stake in the stories we celebrate, and we will continue to encourage fans’ agency in their interpretation. We believe that it is possible to engage in fandom critically while still celebrating this vibrant community, and we invite you to join us.

Due to Covid-19, LeakyCon Orlando 2022 was our first event in two and a half years. In this same time, the author of the Harry Potter series has used her platform to promote harmful, transphobic rhetoric and actions. Read more about LeakyCon’s stance on this here.

Department Goals


The communications department is responsible for presenting our events to the public and demonstrating our values. We will aim to highlight the diversity of our community in the language and media we publish. We will improve the accessibility of our social media posts by using non-gendered language when appropriate, and by including alt text and captions whenever possible.



The creative department will present a beautiful backdrop so attendees can live their own magical stories during LeakyCon, elevating the passion and joy of the community. Inclusion will be top-of-mind and key to our work as we ensure that our designs reflect the beauty and diversity that exists in the LeakyCon family.



The operations department manages the behind-the-scenes logistics for Mischief Management events and manages relationships with vendors, contractors, venues, and partners. We commit to building a better community through careful and conscientious selection of contractors and suppliers, aiming to hire minority and women owned businesses. Our mission is to provide a seamless, streamlined event infrastructure for each person involved in the event, ensuring that everyone is respected and has a positive experience. We will continue to critically evaluate our event practices to ensure that they are more sustainable, accessible, and diverse.



The programming department curates panels, presentations, meetups, and everything in between in order to delight and engage LeakyCon attendees. We protest the author’s attempt to deny the fandom agency over the interpretation of the Harry Potter stories. We will curate and accept a slate of programs that both welcomes the fandom to be critical of the series and its author and celebrates the community that we have built together. From the MainStage to the Lit Track, we will ensure that the programs we host match the spirit of the fandom. Throughout everything we do, we commit to centering the perspectives of people most impacted by the author’s bigotry.


The talent department commits to intentionally curating a safe and respectful space to support the LeakyCon community. We will invite a diverse slate of talent, aiming for representation and elevation of a wide variety of voices. We will ensure an accessible, safe, and enjoyable environment in the green rooms and throughout the venue for our talent. Through our work, we want to encourage the foundation of joy and belonging that shapes our community.

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